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Get ready for a exciting new twist on City Simulation games!

Hey guys, Toast here. We're really excited to give details on our new game, Pixel Plex. As a real-time multiplayer city simulation game, it's the first of its kind, putting 40 players together in a city. The game will be released for iOS on March 9th. Let us know if you have any gameplay questions and we'll do our best to fill you in!

Build your Plex among friends
In Pixel Plex you are in charge of building your Plex however you want!  
Invite your friends to join your city, trade resources, and work together to build HUGE  CITY-WIDE projects. 

Expand upwards and outwards
Choose from over 30 different buildings, each with the ability to grow and change!
Buy up more land to grow your Plex and expand your businesses! 

Get ahead in a fluctuating marketplace
Buy and sell shares in the Plex Marketplace, but be careful, stock prices change every hour! Use the trade depot to buy and sell resources to people in your city. 

Run for Mayor of the City
With elections held every two days, things change fast in Pixel Plex. As mayor, you can control policies that effect the whole city. Will you lower taxes on big projects, increase the value of the market, or just line your pockets with extra cash?

Want to be the first to know when the game is released? Click the link to our website and subscribe to get updates and $3 of in-game currency when Pixel Plex releases on March 9th.

Feel free to comment/ask questions below!

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